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About Bright Horizons

Founded in 1986, Bright Horizons Family Solutions is the world's leading provider of employer-sponsored child care, early education and work/life solutions. Conducting business in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada we manage more than 600 child care centres, caring for over 70,000 children.

Bright Horizons Family Solutions’ mission is to provide the highest quality early care and education to each child in our centres, every day. We believe that today’s excellence becomes tomorrow’s standard and are proud of our position as standard setters and thought leaders in our sector.

Our Committment

Bright Horizons commits to provide children, families, staff and clients with:
  • A place for childhood to flourish
  • A fundamental concern with the health and safety of all children in our care
  • Individual, personalised, responsive care and affection for each child
  • Active, individualised, developmentally appropriate learning
  • A culture of respect for all people and for the world in which we live
  • A full partnership with parents
  • Flexible, responsive services that meet and anticipate the needs of families
  • A professional work environment
  • A commitment of support to our employees
  • A place to support families tailored to our clients' needs, goals, and cultures

Our Management

At Bright Horizons Family Solutions, we consider it our privilege to accompany children as they embark on a journey of growth and exploration. In our centres, children experience a world rich with discovery guided by skilled professionals who celebrate each child’s individuality. Through our child-centred learning programme, a supportive staff team, and friendships that begin in infancy, children in our care build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning and are empowered to become confident, successful, lifelong learners.

Our centres operate to the exacting standards for care and education set by the government’s National Standards. We continually monitor and improve the quality of our service and conduct annual parent, client and employee surveys to ensure we meet needs and expectations. The high levels of satisfaction reported by these surveys are testament to our understanding of the challenges faced by working parents and ability to translate our knowledge and experience into providing solutions that meet the needs of our clients and their employees’ families. The commitment of our well-trained, experienced, and loyal staff, and our ability to retain and support them, contributes significantly to our success.

We are pleased to have received some prestigious recognition. Bright Horizons has repeatedly been the only child care organisation listed in the "50 Best Workplaces UK” by the Financial Times/Great Place to Work Institute. Our clients consistently feature on employer of choice listings such as those produced by Working Families, Sunday Times and Financial Times.

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