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The Bright Horizons community is a vibrant tapestry made of children, families, and employees who represent many different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. We strive to create a culture that values and includes every individual and celebrates unique differences. Our commitment to diversity is fundamental to supporting the success of our company, so that we may understand and respond to the challenges of our clients, the needs of the families whom we serve, and the evolving goals of our employees. Our commitment to diversity is part of our HEART principles (PDF), which support our mission to provide the highest-quality early care, education, and work/life solutions.

We commit to:

  • Act deliberately to embrace diversity at all levels of the organisation and encourage inclusion and respect by providing continuing diversity education and ongoing support to our employees.
  • Celebrate and value all people by expanding our understanding of diversity to include all races, cultures, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, ages, family structures, genders, ethnicities, economic statuses, and appearances.
  • Help our clients around the world, who have increasingly diverse workforces, achieve their business objectives and have our centres represent and honour the diversity of the children and families whom we serve.

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