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Career Options

A career with Bright Horizons is a journey, where you can go as far as your aspirations take you, with unlimited access to opportunities for professional development and personal growth. The variety of career options and growth opportunities we offer through our formalised succession planning programme.

A sample of the types of positions available includes:

    • Unqualified Early Year Practitioners: Entry-level with demonstrated experience with children, such as volunteering, coaching, and parenting, working under the guidance of a qualified early years practitioner.
    • Qualified Early Years Practitioners: Professional experience caring for and educating children, plus completion of early education qualification equivalent to country specific standards. Responsibilities also include curriculum development and family communication.
    • Deputy Managers: Demonstrating leadership skills and appropriate demonstrated knowledge of developmentally appropriate curriculum. Qualified to country specific standards.
    • Centre Managers: Centre leaders have exemplary supervisory and management skills along with a country endorsed qualification in Early Years required for leadership and management of a centre and administration background.
    • Regional Managers: Provide strategic leadership to a geographic region, manage centre managers and staff, and ensure that your centres exceed regulatory body requirements, health and safety standards.

    Career opportunities for early years practitioners, centre managers are available in the following types of programmes:

    • Early Care and Education centres serve children ages 3 months to 5 years and provide a world rich with discovery and exploration. Skilled, sensitive early years practitioners guide children through their development, celebrating each child's individuality and encouraging a strong foundation of learning through the required curriculum framework of the country the centre resides in.
    • Summer camp programmes for five to 12-year-olds provide fun opportunities for children and staff to explore nature, science, art, and music; work collaboratively; build lifelong friendships; and further develop interests and skills in a fun, relaxed setting.
    • Corporate offices in our headquarters in Rushden, Northamptonshire, or in regional offices throughout the UK and Ireland, offer a welcoming environment, a caring, supportive culture, and outstanding opportunities to make a difference in the lives of children and families while utilising your skills in accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, information technology, and general administration.

The first step in your career path begins today. Explore our careers site and find an opportunity that meets both your skills of today and your goals for tomorrow. See how many places you can go on a career path (PDF) with Bright Horizons.

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