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Culture & Diversity Commitment

Bright Horizons is made up of thousands of talented individuals who bring their creativity, skills, and passion to work each day. Each of us plays a critical role in ensuring that we provide the very best care for families and their loved ones while caring for each other. This spirit of caring is shared by each member of the Bright Horizons community — from our most senior staff to the cook in the centre. Although we all have very different roles, we all contribute to make our unique culture. Our inclusive culture encourages and celebrates involvement from all members of our organisation.

Our Mission

Our mission guides us as we strive for nothing less than the highest-quality care, education, and work/life solutions, exemplary external and internal customer service, and an extraordinary work environment that we wholeheartedly embrace. In our employee survey, our leaders’ commitment to the mission ranked as one of the highest scores for centre managers, regional managers and senior operational staff, as well as employees who work in the home and regional offices. We are affirmed and excited to know that they are seen as ambassadors of our mission and values.

Our HEART and Soul

At Bright Horizons, we operate with HEART, a set of guiding principles that tangibly capture this focus on relationships and the philosophical approach to the work we do. While our mission statement expresses “why” we strive to be our best, our HEART Principles (Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Teamwork) go beyond to identify “how” each member of Bright Horizons contributes to the whole.

Our HEART Principles state our people practices — what we strive to be at our best. They identify “how” each member of Bright Horizons contributes to the whole, giving each employee a clear road map for the way that we aspire to treat one another. Each pledge entrusts each of us the responsibility for living the Bright Horizons mission, guides us in making our decisions each day, how we care for, nurture, and educate children, how we partner with parents and clients, how we treat each other, and our commitment to honouring ourselves and those we serve to the best of our ability.

Commitment to Diversity

The Bright Horizons community is a vibrant tapestry made of children, families, and employees who represent many different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. We are committed to increase the diversity of our workforce and to provide an inclusive environment where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. We recognise that differences within the BHFS community provide us with a unique strength which enriches our working environment and our ability to serve our customers.

We need to ensure that those of us who have chosen to build our careers with Bright Horizons see and feel the same spirit of inclusion. We are thus committed to weaving diversity and inclusion into all we do for:

Employees by:

  • Utilising and valuing all talents and points of view
  • Proactively recruiting candidates from a diverse and talented applicant pool
  • Reinforcing the value of diversity through education and training
  • Improving teamwork and communication
Families by:
  • Fostering environments for inclusion
  • Reflecting the communities in which we serve
Client partners by:
  • Helping to meet the needs of our client organisations
  • Respecting the rich diversity of their workforces

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