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Training & Development

Once you join the Bright Horizons community, a world of training and development opportunities awaits you. You’ll find the support and tools you need to successfully navigate your career. Providing new skills and the opportunity for employees to grow within our organisation is the best way to ensure the highest-quality care for families and solutions for clients. Just a few ways we follow through on our promise are detailed below.

The Growth and Learning Process

The Bright Horizons Growth and Learning Process encompasses all the programmes that help our employees reach their full potential: goal setting, job performance appraisal, skills and learning assessment, growth and learning planning, and succession planning. The process supports individual growth and learning, and keeps us on track to meet our organisational goals while empowering individuals to own their career advancement. Bright Horizons offers an innovative, online approach to job performance appraisal including peer feedback for operations managers and corporate and regional office employees.

Rewards for Gaining Qualification

We value and applaud employees who take the next step in their lifelong journey of learning. And, we believe that their effort should be recognised. That is why, centre budget permitting, we offer an increase in salary for any child care centre-based team member gaining an additional early years qualification.

Growing and Learning with Bright Horizons University

Bright Horizons University (BHU) is our greatest, most tangible way of reinforcing our commitment to ongoing training and development. Available to all employees, BHU includes online and offline components and interactive courses — from podcasts, training documents, team rooms, and blogs to in-person “classroom” training workshops and conference sessions. Employees have access to dozens of early education courses, as well as Microsoft Office training and many courses from Harvard Business School. Through BHU, employees can learn to support children and families, gain customer service skills, effectively communicate with parents, and understand the business of Bright Horizons.

Growing Our Leaders: Charting a Career Path

The Succession Planning Programme helps identify future leaders and creates plans to develop individuals who are poised for advancement. Managers use the succession planning methods to give feedback and engage in honest dialogue with employees to guide their career progression. The programme helps us to support these key employees by giving them the foundation to be successful in leadership roles.

Centre-Level Activities

Bright Horizons has also created a myriad of training opportunities for use at each of our centres. Along with instructor-led training modules geared toward large group sessions, Bright Horizons has developed computer-based training (CBT) modules, which allow for individualisation of training materials.

Providing what employees need to succeed is the cornerstone of our culture. Just as we guide children and families through their journey of lifelong learning, we encourage our employees to see their growth as a joyful and continuous process.

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