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The Challenge

Attracting and retaining talented employees, becoming the employer of choice in your industry, and building a reputation as a great place to work are all smart, strategic business goals for employers today. The Bright Horizons Consulting Practice can partner with you to explore how child care and work/life initiatives can help you achieve these goals.

How We Can Help

Bright Horizons offers a range of consulting services designed to help you increase the effectiveness of your people strategy. Our services are flexible and extend internationally, ranging from single location studies to multi-site strategies.

With our experience of working with hundreds of clients of all sizes across the spectrum of industries and the benefit of a proprietary database of survey responses from more than 100,000 employees, we are uniquely positioned to partner with you to create a dependant care strategy tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Assessment: The Bright Horizons team has decades of industry experience to help you uncover the child care and work/life issues facing your employees, understand how these issues impact your organisation, and develop solutions that give you a sustainable competitive advantage. Our comprehensive assessment:

  • Identifies the child care or broader work/life needs of your employees
  • Uncovers opportunities to enhance employee effectiveness
  • Benchmarks best practices of other leading organisations
  • Creates a customised strategy to align employees’ needs with your organisation’s business objectives, including appropriate solutions — e.g., workplace nursery, child care programme, back-up care, etc. — and information regarding projected costs and return on investment
Evaluation: Programme evaluation is critical to the success of any employee support programme. First, we gauge the effectiveness of your existing work/life offerings to determine if gaps exist, improvements are needed, and what additional initiatives would be valuable. Then, we create metrics to measure the investment impact of all work/life initiatives to ensure that these offerings support your organisation’s strategic goals.

Programme Administration: To effectively leverage your existing resources, the Bright Horizons team can also help implement and manage your work/life initiatives. Our services cover the spectrum from assistance with a specific project, such as identifying and negotiating community partnership, to ongoing, outsourced management of your work/life services. Research: Our team has created a benchmark and trend database that details the impact child care issues have on employees and their organisations. This data was gathered from more than 100,000 employees surveyed across multiple industries. <

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