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Baby and Toddler

At Bright Horizons, we recognise that the first three years of life are an extraordinary time that sets the stage for the all the years that follow.

Each child needs to develop a sense of autonomy, the sense of being a separate, independent self, that comes from being treated as an important individual and being allowed increasing opportunities for freedom. The "no" of toddlers and twos is an assertion of autonomy that leads to freely saying "yes" and developing the power to control bodies and feelings. Only when children feel a sense of personal power ("I can affect things"), are they ready to move to the next critical task of realising a sense of competence ("I can achieve things"); and step out into the wider world as active learners and problem-solvers.

The child's first three years are critical for the development of the brain and language. During this period, the child's life experience plays a fundamental role in the hard-wiring of the brain, laying the foundation for all intellectual and emotional development to follow. From birth, babies are marvelous learners, immediately investigating the sights, sounds, and feel of the world. The World at Their Fingertips provides babies and toddlers with what they need: a safe world rich with opportunities to actively explore and enjoy: to see, hear, feel, touch, and move. They need a world filled with responsive interactions and language: many conversations with others, books (for even the youngest babies), songs, and lots of listening and responding to their vocalisations and words. The Baby and Toddler Programme for Learning is based on the book Prime Times: A Handbook for Excellence in Infant and Toddler Programmes, by Jim Greenman and Anne Stonehouse. The programme includes:

Personal Care Plans

Parents and the keyworker establish a personal care plan that is continually updated to ensure that care routines are prime times that fit the child and family. Snuggle Care: Very young babies spend ample time each day heart-to-heart with their keyworker. Every sound and movement of the baby is met with a warm response: a word, a smile, a touch that signals, "You are special."

Let's Read

Long before they understand the words and pictures, babies benefit from the joy of sharing a book in the arms of a caring adult. Reading begins with young babies and gains momentum as the children mature. On laps, on the floor, and as they drift off to sleep, babies and toddlers experience the magic and wonder of books.

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Bright Horizons is very confident that our World at Their Fingertips programme mirrors the core principles and standards outlined in Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education developed by CECDE.

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