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Baby and Toddler
At Bright Horizons, we recognise that the first three years of life are an extraordinary time that sets the stage for the all the years that follow. Each child needs to develop a sense of autonomy, the sense of being a separate, independent self, that comes from being treated as an important individual and being allowed increasing opportunities for freedom...

The World of twos reflects the transitional nature of the child's third year of life. The programme is designed for each child to make the transition from the sensory-motor world of toddlers to an increasingly social world and the onset of symbolic thinking. ...

The preschool learning environment is primarily based on The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, developed by Teaching Strategies Inc, used in high-quality early education settings throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia...

Back-up Child Care
Bright Horizons are pioneers of employer-sponsored back-up care, and we opened our first dedicated back up centre in 1989. We are the leaders in partnering with organisations to develop creative back-up solutions, and we manage more back-up programmes than any other child care provider in the world...

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Bright Horizons is very confident that our World at Their Fingertips programme mirrors the core principles and standards outlined in Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education developed by CECDE.

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